Lucere Labs

Lucere Labs is a Luciferin research company founded on clean and efficient D-Luciferin production, for use with bioluminescent technology. Our primary product is biomedical-grade d-luciferin made with a unique manufacturing process that greatly reduces cost, allowing for more cutting-edge research to be done with bioluminescence. 

Our Mission

To reach for the limits of bioluminescent innovation.

Our Vision

A new, higher standard for measurement tools. 

Our Values


​We do not take the scientific progress of humanity for granted. We accept that every major step forward is made possible by individuals using their own two hands to explore difficult work through iteration after iteration. We want to carry on this tradition — Lucere Labs believes in building the future through hard work, the synthesis of diverse ideas, and constant critical thinking


In our lab and office we put a premium on everyone's right to unapologetically be themselves. We aim to create a space for innovative thinkers to be heard, held to high standards, and treated with dignity. The team does not represent Lucere Labs; Lucere Labs represents its team