Our Mentors

Merrie Shaw, Assistant Director, Sid Martin Biotech 

Merrie Shaw has extensive experience mentoring and guiding biotech companies at Sid Martin Biotech, a facility that has been ranked the #1 biotech incubator in the world three times by the International Business Innovation Association. As Assistant Director of the UF Sid Martin Biotechnology Institute, she is currently responsible for the management and growth of 18 different companies who have 140+ employees. Merrie excels at customer service, recruitment, facilities management and business counseling; she has15+ years of experience in business incubation assisting early stage companies.

Dr. Bruce Branchini, Hans and Ella McCollum '21 Vahlteich Professor of Chemistry at Connecticut College

Bruce Branchini's major research interests focus on the biochemistry of bioluminescence - the emission of light by living organisms. He teaches courses in biochemistry and organic chemistry, including spectroscopic methods, both lecture and laboratory.

His bioluminescence research groups have collected specimens in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, the Connecticut College Arboretum and Bologna, Italy. They have developed novel methods for purifying the protein that catalyzes the light-emitting reaction. They have also used synthetic organic techniques to prepare novel substrates for the firefly protein (luciferin) and substrates for a bioluminescent jellyfish that emits blue and green light. Most recently, his lab is using molecular biology methods to produce mutant luciferase proteins with properties that are desirable for such applications as drug screening, mechanistic studies and in vivo imaging.

John Engels MBA, VP, Axogen 

John Engels is a founder and investor focused on new technology development and commercialization. John co-founded AxoGen, a leading medical technology company dedicated to peripheral nerve repair. At AxoGen from 2002 to 2017, John served in various leadership positions, including: sourcing, negotiating and managing product development, sales and marketing; licensing partnerships for its flagship products; managing seed, venture and growth capital financing; setting up and running manufacturing operations; and leading its international sales and business

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